Corporate Profile and History

With over thirty-five years of combined engineering experience, working for large and small firms, in rural and metro areas, Robert (Bob) Winslow and Monte Soto incorporated Civil Design Studio in January of 2013.

The firm was created to fill a void or responsible and responsive professionals in the land development and engineering industry.

Civil Design Studio, Inc. evolved from the successful careers of the founding Civil Principals and the engineering principles on which they built an honest civil engineering firm.

The company is founded on strong work ethic and a sensible approach to engineering solutions. Our focus is and will remain on the field of civil engineering and land development. This paradigm is a result of our experience working for multidisciplinary firms. The primary focus at Civil Design Studio is giving priority to planning, site development, utility design, erosion control and permit coordination, allowing the Architect and other engineers to focus on the building components.

By utilizing experience in the engineering and construction industry, Civil Design Studio provides sensible site design conveyed on well-defined and accurate plans. We provide project owners, agencies and consultants with clear communication. Our work on large, small, public and private projects have honed the skills of the engineers at Civil Design Studio and lends them a unique perspective to engineering solutions. Throughout their careers Bob and Monte have developed long lasting client and colleague relationships and have built a reputation for delivering practical and cost-effective engineering designs, on time and for a reasonable budget.

Civil Design Studio is different by design. Project budgets are based on project scope, not the depth of the owner’s pocket. Project designs reflect a respect for value engineering and lasting infrastructure. Project plans are prepared with the goal of minimizing RFI’s and preventing change orders.

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